Friday, March 20, 2009

Take that Fontana

Kevin Harvick was asked why the fans like watching races at Bristol Motor Speedway so much. His answer was a snipe at the crowds that show up at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana.
“Well, there are a lot more fans here than there are in California, so it has got to be more exciting to watch,” Harvick said.
Yes, the crowds at Auto Club Speedway pale in comparison to Bristol. How so many people can fit into a half-mile oval boggles my mind. But what else are you going to do in east Tennessee on a Saturday night in March? It's a rhetorical question. I don't really want to know the answer.
Never at a loss for an opinion, Harvick offered his thoughts on the Chase and how it affects how drivers race before the final 10 races of the year.
"I think that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard," Harvick said. "If it is about winning the most races, the other ones just don’t count? In my opinion, it is all about 10 races (the Chase) and when you have problems, it is all about the guy who can fix his car and it is about the guy who can come back and make something out of a loose wheel and make up two laps and to me it takes an element of the sport away because if you aren’t going to win and you are having a bad day, what the consequences of just pulling in?”

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