Friday, July 8, 2011

Greg Pursley tops NASCAR Hunter Index for July

Greg Pursley has won five of the seven races in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series West this year. He is coming off a dominating performance in the West Series race at Toyota Speedway at Irwindale. He is running away with the West Series championship.
Pursley was voted as the top driver in the NASCAR Hunter Index for July.
The Hunter Index ranks the top drivers in the NASCAR developmental series.
Pursley was the only driver from the West Series ranked in the top 10.
Go to NASCAR Home Tracks for a look at the top 10 drivers in the Hunter Index for July.
Here is a look at how I voted:

1.Greg Pursley – Good fortune is following Pursley unlike last year when he couldn’t avoid trouble. He gave much of the credit to good luck after winning the race at Irwindale. He said he had seven flat tires that took him out of races last year. No such misfortune so far in 2011.
      2. Sergio Pena – Pena showed what he could do in a race car at the Toyota All Star Showdown two years ago. It took him a while, but he seems to have found his stride again. It’s nice to see him winning some races finally.
      3. Max Gresham – He has been the most consistent racer in the K&N Pro Series East all year.
      4. Homero Richards
      5. DJ Kennington
      6. Scott Steckly
      7. Keith Rocco
      8. Todd Szegedy
      9. LV Miller
     10. Dylan Lupton
1   11. Lee Pulliam
1   12. Jimmy Zacharias
1   13. Adam Royle
1   14. Ron Quesnelle
1   15. Matt Scott

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