Friday, February 20, 2009

Triple duty for Kyle Busch

It's nothing new to see Kyle Busch in three races in the three national touring divisions of NASCAR on the same weekend. He will be racing in the Truck Series, Nationwide Series and Cup Series races at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana this weekend.
He's done it before, more than once, at a number of tracks across the country. It's gotten to the point where he will have to win all three races in the same weekend to impress anyone.
Even Busch, who grew up racing in Las Vegas, doesn't think it's that big of a deal to be entered in three races in two days.
“Not my first rodeo here this weekend," Busch said. "Looking forward to the triple -- have a pretty good truck, had a lot of speed there in qualifying. Think we’re on the pole there and wasn’t expecting that so the truck’s pretty good. Nationwide car seems to be pretty good -- we unloaded it and it was a little different than what we ran here last fall and didn’t quite have the speed we were looking for. We made some changes and made it better. Cup car so far was good in race trim and as soon as we came off the truck it felt pretty good. Went to qualifying trim and wasn’t too pleased -- I think we really missed it so we’ve got some work to do to try to get it better there."
Busch did win the pole for the Truck Series race. He was 10th in qualifying for the Cup race. Nationwide Series qualifying is Saturday morning.
"Looking forward to the race on Sunday -- 500 miles will be a long one," Busch said. "Hopefully it will be a nice, hot day for everybody. Besides that, last weekend was a bit of a downer, but we put it behind us and look forward to the future. This week is the start of the season for us anyways -- Daytona you’re down there for too long and doing so much stuff that you just want to get out of there. Looking forward to here in California and Vegas, Atlanta and so on.”

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