Saturday, October 17, 2009

Childress says Kevin Harvick is staying put

Richard Childress was asked at Lowe's Motor Speedway in North Carolina about how his book with Kevin Harvick is progressing. Harvick and Childress have been working on a book, but apparently Harvick told ESPN he's not sure if the book project will continue beyond next year.
It was just another rough patch in a tumultous season for Childress and Harvick. Rumors have surfaced that Harvick will leave Childress and race for Tony Stewart next year.
Childress said Harvick isn't going anywhere.
"Kevin is going to be with us next year and Shell is going to be with us," Childress said. "We'll just see how everything plays out in the future. I didn't see his interview. I've heard some comments on it. But whatever happens, happens. We'll just move forward."
Richard Childress Racing, which has four cars, failed to qualify any of them for the Chase. Harvick has expressed his frustrations with the team.
Childress said no one is more unhappy than him. His team is going through a rough time, but it is something he has experienced previously with Dale Earnhardt.
"No one is happy when you aren't running well," Childress said. "I'm not happy. No one is. We just try to control it as well as we can. Kevin's a driver that really wants to go out and run well and win. I don't blame him for being upset when we don't. We just try to work through it as good as we can.
"I can remember when one of those years we were talking about earlier. I think it was maybe '95 or '96, we didn't have a very good year. Dale was telling me 'It has just got to be me.' I kept telling him, 'Dale, it's not you; we don't have you the equipment you need.' And he worked through it. It is just different times that people look at things different. There is a lot of unhappy people when these cars....
"These cars are tough. I'll tell you. They can bring the best out of you. We are getting them better, we are putting on good shows with them, it is a great product. But there is such a fine line of being good and bad. You can be good through two stops, two runs, and the next one, you wonder what happened."

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