Monday, October 26, 2009

Here's a scary thought

Based on a poll from, Kyle Busch is the most popular search for Halloween costumes among NASCAR drivers.
Equally surprising is that Dale Earnhardt Jr. came in at fifth, with only seven percent of the vote.
Busch had a whopping 35 percent. It's hard to imagine anyone sincerely wanting to look like Kyle Busch, even for Halloween. It will be interesting to see what NASCAR fans do with a Kyle Busch mask and firesuit.
As good a driver as Kyle Busch is, it's hard to understand why he isn't more popular among NASCAR fans. He's a bit of a throwback in that he will race anything, from trucks to stock cars, on anything, from concrete to dirt and mud, and pretty much anywhere.
He has some of the appeal of Tony Stewart, except that Stewart looks like he would kick Kyle Busch's butt if they ever got in a fight. Heck, Jimmy Spencer took out Kurt Busch with a sucker punch after a race once. Can't imagine Kyle Busch faring much better given the same circumstances.
Still, it would be fun to see some of the Kyle Busch creations people have planned for Halloween.

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