Monday, January 26, 2009

Some final thoughts on the Toyota All-Star Showdown

Matt Kobyluck will go down as the winner of the 2009 version of the Toyota All-Star Showdown, even though he crossed the finish line in second place.
It was a wild finish. Peyton Sellers and Joey Logano (pictured at left) battled for the lead on the last lap. Logano, who led for most of the second half of the race, bounced off of the car Sellers was driving, hit the turn 4 wall and took the lead and was the first driver across the finish line.
Kobyluck ducked to the bottom of the track, was the second driver to cross the finish line, followed by Trevor Bayne, a developmental driver in the Dale Earnhardt Inc. stable and from the Camping World Series East, and Jason Bowles, a two-time winner at Toyota Speedway at Irwindale and a driver in the Camping World Series West.
"It was an unfortunate ending, but this is the All-Star Showdown," said Kobyluck, who became the first two-time winner of the Camping World Series portion of the Showdown. "Everyone’s just going for it. Minor error there, or maybe it wasn’t an error, who knows? I’m only in control of my car. It looked like Joey overdrove the corner, couldn’t keep the car down, but he was going for the win. Peyton was going for the win. In a deal like this when there’s no points on the line, it’s all a truck, money, and bragging rights, the outcome’s always crazy."

Bowles didn't quite see it that way. He put a lot of the blame on the outcome of the race on Logano.
"Peyton didn’t touch anybody," Bowles said. "Those guys, it was unfortunate they were going to race like that. That’s understandable, but we got a lot of torn up race cars now instead of four guys that just had a good race and put on a good show for the fans. "
Kobyluck said he could trouble brewing between Sellers and Logano and he was just glad he didn't get in the middle of their fight.
"Joey’s a great kid and he’s got a bright future ahead of him," Kobyluck said. "Was he going for the win? Sure. Was Peyton going for the win? Sure. Fortunately I wasn’t part of it.
"The writing was on the wall what the outcome was going to be one way or the other. I just didn’t want to be caught up in it."

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