Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wilkerson-Tasca alliance

Bob Tasca III and Tim Wilkerson will be joining forces in 2009 in the NHRA Funny Car division. Wilkerson nearly won his first NHRA Funny Car championship last year, defying all odds by running a one-car operation.
With the support and experience of Tasca, the newly expanded Tasca Racing will be even tougher this year.
"It’s so important from a couple of perspectives," Tasca said. "Number one, chemistry, and I say that as number one because at the end of the day, you can take the best people and put them together and they won’t win. When I looked at forming an alliance, it was obviously associating myself with a team that is championship caliber and a person that had the chemistry that not only I share, but also Chris Cunningham and my team shares. The more I got to talk to Tim, the more I just fell in love with the guy. He’s a first-class family man, which is obviously a big part of what I’m all about. He’s a meat-and-potato racer. He’s not a complicated guy. He races his car in a very simple but effective manner, which is very similar to how Chris thinks, and he’s a competitor. He’s just a phenomenal competitor."

The Tasca-Wilkerson combination has all the elements of anti-establishment. But make no mistake, they will have high expectations going up against some of the top names in NHRA, Force, Schumacher and Pedregon.
"We are going to help one another through different initiatives," Tascas said. "We’ve got a blower initiative going on, we’ve got a clutch initiative. We’ll be doing a lot of testing in 2009 that he’ll be able to gather a lot of information from. I think he’ll be a mentor for me. That will be a great asset. I’m just thrilled to start this season off with Tim alongside me. I knew going in, about halfway through 2008, the owner side of me says, 'Nope, we ain’t gonna do this next year. Not going into 2009 alone. That’s not going to happen.' We were very fortunate to be able to put something together with Tim and I know Tim echoes the feelings. I talk to Tim a couple of times a week and he’s about excited as I am of starting this season off.”

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